Body Treatments

Treat yourself to our rich selection of spa services, including Cavitation and other essential treatments. These indulgent treatments use therapeutic properties and natural ingredients to rejuvenate your senses and reveal a relaxed, more radiant version of yourself.

Body Sculpt Cavitation

Body sculpting cavitation gets rid of fat cells by the utilization of low-frequency sound waves. When the fat is destroyed, the body removes it by turning it into protein, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Free fatty acids are transported to the liver, where they break down and are removed by the body, and glycerol is used as energy for the body.

If you are looking for new and innovative procedures to remove unwanted fat and sculpt your body, look no further than body sculpting cavitation! It is not invasive. Those who choose to participate in body sculpting cavitation procedures will see an improvement 72 hours following treatment.

The most common treatment areas for body sculpting cavitation are the abdomen, buttocks, male chest, love handles, chin, and inner thigh. It blasts away cellulite flawlessly! Body sculpting cavitation is ideal for those looking to regain confidence in their body while contouring it to their perfect figure. After the first session, clients are likely to see results, but the most dramatic changes occur with four to ten sessions.

Magic Touch Detox

Magic Touch Detox is an excellent ally for those who want to eliminate liquids and toxins retained in the body. This treatment involves five techniques in one session: exfoliation + ultrasound + massage + detoxifying clay mask + thermal blanket.

It is the aesthetic procedure that improves the appearance of cellulite and body contour, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, and helps to accelerate metabolism. In a single session, some patients manage to eliminate from 300g to 1.5kg and up to 10cm in circumference.

Drainage Lymphatic

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of body massage that helps the body to eliminate excess fluids and toxins, facilitating the treatment of cellulite, swelling, or lymphedema, and is also widely used in the pre and post-operative period of surgeries, mainly of plastic surgery.

Booty Pump Up

Butt Pump Lift or Vacuum Butt Therapy is the most effective way to sculpt the curves of your glute by adding shape and volume. It can be combined with EMS for a plump tone butt. The vacuum pump will suck out all the air from your buttocks, leaving you looking like you have been injected with liquid silicone. This treatment is excellent for those who want to look more toned in their behinds without surgery.

The vacuum pump creates suction on the skin surface of the buttocks. The suction creates an increased blood flow which helps to increase circulation and oxygenation of the skin, thereby improving the appearance of cellulite.

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